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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) My house is brand new, why should I have the ducts cleaned?

A.) The air ducts are installed during the "rough in" phase of construction. This allows construction dust & debris to settle in ducts.

Q.) I have just installed a new furnace and I am noticing that my house is dustier, why is this?

A.) A newer, more efficient, furnace moves air at a greater rate than the old one. Thus picking up and distributing dust & debris that had settled in your ducts over the years.

Q.) I get phone calls and see ads for whole house duct cleaning for $99. Is this what I should expect to pay?

A.) No, the companies that make these offers are know in the duct cleaning industry as Blow & Go's. Their tactics include bait and switch, to get you to buy a more expensive duct cleaning method, or they may just blow some air into the registers and go with your money.

Q.) How does Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning Plus clean my air ducts?

A.) By using the industry approved source removal method. This includes using a specialized duct cleaning high velocity vacuum and a whip system that allows me to loosen and remove all dirt, debris, and contaminants from your air ducts. Click here to see a video of the process.

Q.) How long does the cleaning of my air ducts take?

A.) Typically I am in your home 3-5 hours, depending on the size of the duct system. It takes time, specialized equipment, and experience to properly clean your air ducts.

Q.) Can this service help me and my family with our allergies?

A.) Customers have reported that appointments with allergist were reduced after I cleaned their air ducts. A recent study done by an allergist in Texas found significant reductions in airborne molds after proper air duct cleaning.


In their guide to Indoor Air Quality, the Environmental Protection Agency identifies central heating & cooling systems as an indoor pollution source. They recommend reducing your exposure to biological contaminants such as dust mites, pollens, animal dander and other allergy causing agents. These pollutants along with dirt, dust & construction debris can be found in dirt air ducts.

Reasons To Have Air Ducts Cleaned

  • Increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.
  • Less than 1/6 inch of dust can reduce the efficiency by more than 20%.
  • Medical research has shown asthma and allergies has a direct relationship to what
    can be found in dirty air ducts.
  • Most fiberglass filters trap as little as 7% of dust, dirt, and pollen that pass through.
  • Indoor air has been found to be 70% more polluted than outdoor air.
  • Spend less time dusting and cleaning.
  • With high energy prices, a clean duct system could pay for itself in several months.
  • The benefits will last for years.

Additional Services

  • Air Duct Cleaning 15 registers
  • Air Conditioning Coil Cleaning
  • Sanitizing Air Ducts With EPA Approved Chemicals
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Furnace & A/C Service & Sales
  • Air Filter Sales
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors Sales
  • Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning



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